The Memorial Day Beach or No Beach Edition

Greetings NY*Confidants,

In the Before Times (BT), the beach on Memorial Day weekend was a no-brainer. But after Covid-19, the question requires careful consideration about the consequences: cops, crowds or prospective Covid. Go or not, here are some “beach-from-home” remedies to make it through Memorial Day — on the sand or not. Atlas Obscura, which is all about travel has launched Atlas Obscura Show and Tell, a series in which co-founder Dylan Thuras makes virtual visits to unusual places not normally seen without a camera. In that same purview, Untapped Insiders helps people follow lots of fun stuff from the couch, starting with programs from the “Origins and History of Grand Central” to a Tour of the Worlds Fairs at Flushing. Pop-Up Magazine, the magazine that is live on stage, has opened a YouTube site, the Pop-Up Magazine Channel, which has several episodes, including the story of Mimi and Brownie, World War II Army nurses, best friends for life and two 100-year-olds talk on the phone every single day.

Finally, for the kids, ‘Free the Seed’ promotes the use of open-source, or non-patented, cultivar seeds, some potting soil, and a backyard or even a sunny windowsill, to grow some delicious produce. And Atlas Obscura invites kids to try to capture the way they see the world through Fun Ways to Get Kids Into Photography Finally, kids can Explore How New York City Works with Turnstile Tours offering online tours that showcasing Manhattan’s street vendorsBrooklyn’s techies, makers, and manufacturers, or the city’s rich industrial history

And with summer, NY*Confidant returns to a bi-monthly newsletter, with the always-accessible website. We also want to acknowledge the beloved places that closed during this pandemic, laid out by Untapped New York. These include Gem Spa, Coogan’s, a celebrated Inwood haunt for runners, and the Paris Cafe in the South Street Seaport.

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Jazz is usually associated with Chicago, New Orleans and other centers of African-American experience. But jazz has one of the richest histories in NYC. See the story.


'NYC's Tin Pan Alley: The Birthplace of America's Music Industry' Webinar: The story of one neighborhood that transformed the city into the songwriting and music capital of the world. 21 May, 5:30pm, $10.

Atlas Obscura Wonder from Home: A series of videos, slideshows and presentations from citizen science projects to amazing skills designed to bring out the generous spirit that draws people to travel in the first place.

Books Are Magic Presents Stray with Stephanie Danler: After selling her first novel, Stephanie Danler knew she should be happy. Instead, she found herself driven to face the difficult past she’d left behind. 22 May, 7pm.

Books Are Magic Presents Slow Days, Fast Company with NYRB Book Club : No one burned hotter than Eve Babitz. A legendary figure, she seduced everyone who was anyone in LA in the 1960s and ’70s. One man proved elusive, so Babitz did what she did best: she wrote him a book. 25 May, 7pm.

’Spy City: The History of Espionage in New York City' Webinar: “Upon Secrecy, Success Depends,” or so said George Washington. From the Revolutionary War to the present day, covert ops have flourished in the five boroughs of Spy City. 26 May, 5:30pm, $10.

'Uncovering the True Origins of Baseball' Webinar: With baseball season in full swing, learn about the origins of one of America’s greatest pastimes, and explore its humble beginnings in the heart of Manhattan. 26 May, 8pm, $10.

'Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution' Webinar: Explore several decades of Rock & Roll history through the life of Bill Graham, one of the most legendary rock promoters who launched the biggest names in rock. 27 May, 5:30pm, $10.

Pop-Up Magazine, Spring Issue, At Home: For years, Pop-Up Magazine has traveled the country with writers, comedians, filmmakers and photographers. This time, they bring the show to homes across the U.S. 27 May, 9pm.

Bookculture Presents The Book of V with Anna Solomon: Lily is a mother, a daughter. and a writer. Vivian Barr is the perfect political wife in Watergate-era D.C. Esther is a fiercely independent young woman in ancient Persia. These three characters' stories overlap and ultimately collide. 28 May, 8pm.

'The History of Fashion Exhibitions, From Bland to Blockbusters' Webinar: When the Costume Institute was added to The Met in 1946, it was bland, blah. That changed when Diana Vreeland, the former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, joined the museum in 1972. See the story. 28 May, 8pm, $10.

'Forming the Metropolis: NYC's Rise Told Through Art' Webinar: Embark on an art-centric journey through 19th-century New York City, and how the period between 1800 and the Civil War would lay the foundation to form this metropolis. 29 May, 1pm, $10.

‘Out of Body Experiences' Webinar w/ Sci-fi Author Jon Womack: Have you ever dreamt you could fly? Do our loved ones await us on the "Other Side?" Set sail on a journey into noetic realms through one experienced traveler. 29 May, 5pm, $10.

NY Adventure Club Virtual Group Trivia Night: A virtual group trivia night that pits teams against one another to answer questions from diverse topics and themes. 29 May, 8pm, $10.

'History of Jazz in NYC' Webinar & 78rpm Listening Party: From Harlem's mob-run night clubs in the 1920s to the narrow basement joints lining 52nd Street, New York would eventually become the undisputed Jazz Capital of America. 2 June, 7pm, $10.

Books Are Magic Presents A Burning with Megha Majumdar: Jivan is a Muslim girl from the slums, accused of executing a terrorist attack. PT Sir is an opportunist who hitches his aspirations to a right-wing political party. His own ascent becomes linked to her fall. 2 June, 7pm.

New Paragraph Presents Journeys Home, Ilana Masad in Conversation w/ Laura Bogart: The author of All My Mother’s Lovers and the author of Don’t You Know I Love You, discuss their debut novels which deal with adult women returning home exploring sexuality, grief and the past haunting the present. 3 June, 8pm.

'The Lost & Forgotten Gilded Age Mansions of Fifth Avenue' Webinar: The story of those long-forgotten mansions, from the first residence on the still unpaved street in 1834, and prominent families that once defined New York's most famous avenue. 4 June, 5:30 pm, $10.

Tap Family Reunion is n annual program created to honor National Tap Dance Day and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday. This year it is And Still You Must Swing.


Self Care and How!: Join America’s lil cronuts Jo Firestone and Aparna Nancherla explore one of the most apropos trends of the year, answering questions like “What does self-care look like right now?” “Am I fulfilling my nap potential?” The Bell House, 21 May, 8pm.

Dance Africa: This year, BAM celebrates DanceAfrica with a series of digital offerings, paying special tribute to the incredible people who have shaped this festival over its rich 42-year history. Through 14 June.


JoyceStream Presents Tap Family ReunionAn annual program created to honor National Tap Dance Day and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday (May 25), present selections from Dormeshia’s “And Still You Must Swing.” 25-26 May at 5pm

JoyceStream Presents When I Dance: Through the eyes of pre-teens Ella and Sylvester, two of the Royal Danish Ballet School's rising stars, we get an inside look at the world of ballet from a child's perspective in Signe Roderik’s 35 minute film When I Dance. ​In Danish with English subtitles.​


In the Dark: Curtis Flowers has been tried six times for the same crime. For more than 20 years, Flowers has maintained his innocence. He's won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again. What does the evidence reveal?

Félix Fénéon The Anarchist and the Avant-Garde — From Signac to Matisse and Beyond is the first exhibition dedicated to this extraordinarily influential but little-known figure and explores how he shaped the development of modernism.


MoMA Presents Virtual Views, Amy Sillman—The Shape of Shape: Sillman chose more than 70 artworks from MoMA’s collection and displayed them in startling proximity, cheek by jowl and leaning on shelves. But the works come from vastly far-flung places and times: 1910s Russia, 1960s Zimbabwe, present-day New York. 21 May, 8pm.

2020Solidarity: A Between Bridges project aimed at helping cultural and music venues, community projects, independent spaces and publications existentially threatened by the current crisis.Between Bridges does not sell these posters, instead it organises, prints and distributes them to organisations in need free of charge. The posters can then be included in many different crowdfunding and other campaigns.

Félix Fénéon The Anarchist and the Avant-Garde — From Signac to Matisse and Beyond: The first exhibition dedicated to this extraordinarily influential but little-known figure and explores how he shaped the development of modernism through the careers of Georges-Pierre Seurat to Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse.

Well Now WTF: Museums are closed. School is cancelled. The world is shut off and we’re stuck indoors. In spite of everything, Silicon Valet presents an online exhibition featuring 100+ artists with moving image practices.

Welcome to Chechnya Chronicles the anti-LGBTQ persecution raging in the Russian republic of Chechnya by following the LGBTQ activists who rescue victims. Part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.


The Trip Series: When The Trip, from acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom, opened at IFC Center in 2010, it launched a hit series that delighted audiences with the gorgeous locations, mouth-watering food, and hilarious impressions from stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. In advance of The Trip to Greece, revisit the first three films in the series: The Trip, The Trip to Italy, and The Trip to Spain.

Backwater: In the middle of New Jersey exists a strange landscape of wetlands and wildlife migrations, garbage dumps and the ruins of industry, toxic waste sites and a river that tells the story of a civilization's new frontier. That is what seven young people have chosen to paddle through for 10 days.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: For 31 years, the HRW Festivalhas been presenting a diverse and empowering selection of films to audiences across the world. Now online with screenings and Q&A.

  • Leftover Women: In China, unmarried women over the age of 27 are deemed “sheng nu” or “leftover”. This eye-opening documentary follows three women in their gruelling quest to find a husband. 24 May, 8:30pm.

  • Far From the Tree: Based on the NY Times bestselling book by writer and film subject Andrew Solomon, Far From The Tree goes above and beyond all expectations in challenging society’s narrow definition of ‘normal’. 31 May, 3:30pm.

  • Midnight Traveler: In 2015, after Hassan Fazili’s documentary Peace aired on Afghan national television, the Taliban assassinated the film’s main subject and put a price on Hassan’s head. Hassan, his wife and his daughters, fled. 4 June, 3:30pm.

  • Welcome to Chechnya: Chronicles the anti-LGBTQ persecution raging in the Russian republic of Chechnya by following the LGBTQ activists who risk unimaginable peril to rescue victims. 13 June, 8pm.

  • Reunited: A story of love across borders, and the compromises a family must make when they are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. 20 June, 3:30pm.

Films at Lincoln Center Virtual Cinema: Watch some of the best films of the year from home and support Film at Lincoln Center. Select new releases:

  • Joan of Arc: In the 15th century, both France and England stake a blood claim for the French throne. Believing that God had chosen her, the young Joan leads the army of the King of France. When she is captured, the Church sends her for trial on charges of heresy.

  • Papicha: Nedjma is a university student during the Algerian Civil War whose passion is fashion design. Defying religious conservatism, she custom-makes dresses for her peers that are examples of individual expression.

  • Tommaso: Willem Dafoe is a Ferrara-like American artist living in Rome in this improvised drama of doubt and disconnection, shot in self-reflective documentary style.

  • Yourself and Yours: Break-up/make-up comedy, in which a painter searches for the girlfriend he just split up with, while she — or perhaps her doppelgänger, or twin — has a series of encounters with strange men.

This is only the third time in history where tennis has had a stoppage of play. When the Tennis Stopped, the latest from the International Tennis Hall of Fame explores the other two times with ITHF historian-at-large Joel Drucker.

When the Tennis Stopped: This is only the third time in history where tennis has had a stoppage of play. When the Tennis Stopped, the latest from the International Tennis Hall of Fame explores the other two times with ITHF historian-at-large Joel Drucker.

Tennis Hall of Fame Live: Hosted by Blair Henley every Thursday on the International Tennis Hall of Fame Facebook PageHall of Fame Live brings you into the conversation with tennis legends! This week, Kim Clijsters, who recently returned to the court.